Ultimate Castlevania

Hack source and details below

Every year for Halloween I like to play me some early Castlevania. This year, I played Ultimate Castlevania, a rom hack of the first game for the NES.

This is an excellent rom hack with variety and depth. The author includes several patch files for different difficulty modes and main character graphics. I chose Skin C for this playthrough. This hack even includes a remastered high quality digital manual in the style of the original game – nice touch!

First thing you’ll notice are the graphical changes. They are very good at improving and changing the general look of things, while still invoking the feeling of the original game.

Ultimate Castlevania also re-balances the game. The game now slopes in difficulty much more evenly and get very difficult near the end. Hearts are also less plentiful, so you’ll use them with more strategy.

There are many other changes, such as candle and sub-weapon placements, so I encourage you to read about this hack in full detail at it’s source link below.

—-Hack Information—-
Author: Khefz
Source Link: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3736/

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