The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening DX

Full Playthrough of, in my opinion, one of the best Gameboy games made. I was surprised that this ended up being a bit longer than the SNES Link to the Past, but with as many secrets and collection side quests as this game has, I shouldn’t have been.

In this playthrough I get all the seashells (or would have if they didn’t turn to rupees after you get 20) All the pictures from the photographer you can get (besides the first one that choose between), and do the optional Color Dungeon. I get what’s called the “Perfect Ending” which just means I played through the game without dying. It’s the regular ending but at the end of the ending you see Marin fade into a picture of seagull, perhaps suggesting that she didn’t go away with the island.

I had some desyncing issues and had to replay a small portion of the game, so you’ll notice when I get to the Angler’s Tunnel link does a ghostly fade and the amount of rupees changes, but I played that portion exactly the same so you can definitely use this as a full walkthrough.

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