The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – GBA Version

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This playthrough of A Link to the Past for Gameboy Advance is complete up until the very last dungeon and face-off with final boss Ganon. At that point, I employ a glitch to enter the Four Swords Palace, defeat the dungeon and Link’s doppelgangers, and unlock the secret ending to the game.

You don’t really need to play to the very end to beat the game this way, but I did so for 2 reasons:
1. It’s much easier when Link is all the way powered up.
2. I’m going to release a video of the same complete playthrough that ends the game the standard way.

Skip to glitch: 3:19:50
Skip to Four Swords Dungeon: 3:21:18
Skip to Secret Ending: 3:37:14

—–Table of Contents—–
Game Beginning: 3:10
East Palace: 24:45
Desert Palace: 41:36
Mountain Tower: 1:04:22
Getting the Master Sword: 1:11:50
Hyrule Castle: 1:18:10
Battle With Agahnim: 1:22:54
Dark Palace: 1:30:47
Swamp Palace: 2:04:24
Skull Woods: 2:17:55
Thieves’ Town: 2:26:23
Ice Palace: 2:37:18
Misery Mire: 2:49:28
Turtle Rock: 3:08:20
Glitch: 3:19:50
Four Swords Palace: 3:21:18
Secret Ending: 3:37:14

My source for glitch information:

I used this walkthrough for a fair amount of the game:

A Link to the Past Walkthrough

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