Super Mario Brothers 3

A full playthrough of Super Mario Brothers 3. Although this game was originally for the NES, this version is from the Super Mario All-Stars SNES game cart.

Always a classic, I had good fun playing through this again. I think I probably skipped over a couple levels, and definitely during the last two worlds I get a little lazy with how I go about beating each level, but that’s also because I had an abundance of power ups at my disposal by then as well.

One thing I learned playing this game in particular is that I definitely need to get one of those USB Super Nintendo game pads for the PC if I am going to continue recording these playthroughs. Using a PC game pad for this game emulated was too unlike playing it on my Super Nintendo, and i think it’s mostly because I like the feel of the old console pads for those old games. I bet the quality of my playing would increase somewhat as well. There are places in here you can tell I’m playing awkwardly.

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