Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti

This is an NES “port” of Splatterhouse. Lots of liberties were taken and it’s basically unrecognizable from the Arcade original. It’s pretty good though, not as stiff as other Splatterhouse games although that adds it’s own difficulty. Plenty of nods to classic Horror movies and franchises which are fun to recognize.

This playthrough gets both crystals and the best ending.

At the end of the video do one of the secret bonuses you can get to by holding A + B + Down on the second controller and resetting the game. You are taken to a sound test where you can look through the different characters of the game as well. At character #25 if you hit the action button a bunch you’ll get a pervy sprite of her in a towel looking embarrassed, do it again and she’s even more embarrassed. Enjoy that pervs!

———Table of Contents ———
00:38 Stage I – The Graveyard

04:40 Stage II – Cesspool of Bile
Password: 1055

08:15 Stage III – Devil Town
Password: 3739

14:41 Secret Stage I – Trouble in Japan

16:38 Stage IV – Diamond Lake
Password: 8245
Password: 0705

19:03 Stage V – Diamond Camp
Password: 4722
Password: 2509

22:00 Stage VI – Hell House Hill
Password: 7397
Password: 4090

24:03 Stage VII – Hell House
Password: 8671

24:37 Secret Stage II – Sands of Evil

26:41 Resuming Stage VII

34:30 Pervy Secret Bonus

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