Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis

How do you ruin a Sonic game? (Besides making it in 3D)

Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis is a Gameboy Advance port of the very first Sonic game. And an awful port at that. The game has rampant slowdown issues, dumbed down and uncontrollable physics, and the music didn’t port over well either. Add all that to a reduced game window, forcing one to take “leaps of faith” all the time, and you have a experience that, for me, ruins a classic game.

The only minor advantage this game has over the original is the inclusion of the Anniversary mode, which as far as I can tell just gives Sonic the ability to use his Spindash move. But that’s not enough to save it. Some of the boss fights are also a little easier as now Sonic can hit them without needing to use the boss fight gimmicks.

Take a look at any water level and see the excruciating pace those levels play at and tell me this is a good game.

Does anyone know why this port is so bad? It seems like the Gameboy Advance hardware could easily handle a Sonic 1 port, was it just bad programming by the Sonic Team?

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