Sonic 3 in Sonic Jam – Sonic Only

Here is a full playthrough of Sonic 3 as it appears in the Sega Saturn compilation, Sonic Jam. These Genesis games are interesting because developers actually re-programmed these games to work on the Sega Saturn instead of using some type of emulation, so it’s fun to see if you can spot changes from one version to another.

In this playthrough I use only Sonic and I play it on Original difficulty. I also tried my hardest not to get all the chaos emeralds too early and ruin the music with the Super Sonic theme going all the time. Later in the game you can see I deliberately pass up some large rings, but the game ends up basically throwing them at me, so I eventually relented. I only go Super Sonic a couple times though, so hopefully everyone can enjoy the excellent music that is present here in Sonic 3.

At the end of the game I go back to the menu to see if they offer any cool extras. THey kinda do. You can browse low-def digital versions of the manuals in both Japanese and English. In this video I go through the English version.

Skip to the digital manual: 1:09:40

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