Megaman Xtreme

This game boy continuation of the Megaman X series of games ported what was done on the 16-bit snes onto the 8-bit game boy pretty well in my opinion. X has to go into the data world and destroy Mavericks he has beaten in the past, so this game take 4 of the Mega Man X Mavericks, and ports them and re-works their stages for the Game Boy. Then you go into the core and play new content made for the game.

I did this on Normal mode. Since I have my save where I left on this game, I might continue it for a playthrough of the Hard Mode.

Intro Skip 05:08
Intro Level 05:22

Story 07:49

Storm Eagle Stage 10:48
Head Upgrade 12:19
Storm Eagle Boss 13:33

Story 15:06

Flame Stag Stage 15:57
Body Upgrade 16:58
Flame Stag Boss 18:18

Chill Penguin Stage 19:27
Leg Upgrade 20:22
Chill Penguin Boss 22:24

Spark Mandrill Stage 23:30
Arm Upgrade 26:23
Spark Mandrill Boss 27:22

Story 28:18

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