Mega Man X

I didn’t really do everything in order or the most efficient way but here are time stamps for the upgrades and tanks:

Boots Upgrade: 6:00
Armor Upgrade: 33:18
Helmet Upgrade: 41:58
Buster Upgrade: 45:52 (aren’t save states great?)

❤ Spark Mandrill: 12:19
❤ Armored Armadillo: 15:25
❤ Launch Octopus: 19:27
❤ Boomer Kuwanger: 32:23
❤ Sting Chameleon: 36:16
❤ Storm Eagle: 40:15
❤ Flame Mammoth: 46:36
❤ Chill Penguin: 51:39

E-Tank Storm Eagle: 41:03
E-Tank Flame Mammoth: 47:08
E-Tank Spark Mandrill: 52:25
E-Tank Armored Armadillo: 53:05

You must have all upgrades/tanks and play Armored Armadillo’s stage right up to the end where the health pickup is 5x before you get the Hadouken.
That process starts here: 52:43
And ends here: 1:00:45

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