Kirby’s Adventure

Full playthrough of Kirby’s Adventure for the NES. I always dug this game. As a kid I the kinds of super powers Kirby could assume seemed endless, and even now there are a surprising number of them. I don’t even think I used them all, I don’t recall a time when I had the umbrella power.

One thing irked me a bit playing this is that to me it seems Kirby has issues while jumping off of ledges. I frequently would just run off the edge of a platform to my death, forcing me to reload a savestate. I would try jumping further into the platform and didn’t have issue, so i don’t know if it was me or Kirby on that on.

That being said, the area at 1:37:42 was insanely hard to do and took me a few dozen tries to do it. I was a bit disappointed to just see some 1-Ups there.

Other than that this is a great game that can really show off what the NES was capable of.

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