Grandia 2

I had never played this before I bought it on and boy am I glad I did! This has all the JRPG greatness, cliche and often times downright corny dialogue, and Good vs. Evil story line one would expect from such a title. But man, was I unaware of the plot twits and turns! This was a great game, and I highly recommend you grabbing a copy from either Steam or

In this episode we meet Ryudo, a Geohound (basically a commissioned odd jobber) and his bird partner Skye as they complete a job for thankless old man. They immediately find they have a new job, to escort a songstress of Granas (The God of light) to a ceremony she must perform. Ryudo, an atheist who’s got a problem with women, really doesn’t look forward to doing it, but a job’s a job, so he makes his way to the church for his instructions. Here we meet Elena, the sister, and start our mission.

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