Chrono Trigger

Ahhh Chrono Trigger, one of the best games of all time and that is a FACT! I took a little break from Final Fantasy VII to get into so Chrono Trigger and boy am I happy I did! Every time I start a new game I get all jazzed up and excited to hear my favorite video game music and do some time travelling, and this time was no exception. Please enjoy watching this game at least half as much as I enjoyed playing it, then you’d be having a real good time.

The beginning of this game probably needs no introduction, but for those of whom that have been living on a different planet, or those who just haven’t heard of Chrono Trigger before, the games starts out on Crono, the protagonist, getting woken up by his mother. It seems he didn’t sleep very well because he was too excited about the Millenia Fair that’s going on. He (we) head up there to check out our friend Lucca’s new invention and along the way meet a mysterious new friend.

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