Here is a game that surely needs no introduction. This is a full playthrough of the first Castlevania game for the NES on it’s regular difficulty. If I were to continue on this playthrough and let the game restart after the credits, then I would be playing the Hard difficulty of the game, which I will do at a future date.

If anyone game to the Castlevania series later than the NES games, especially the GBA or Playstation games, than this game will seem rather linear (it is) and clunky (it’s not really). While it does lack the fluidity of movement later 2D C games have, it’s controls do seem tight, but tuned to add difficulty. There is a slight delay on your whip, and the slowness of walking up stairs when there are skeletons or Medusa heads flying at you can be incredibly frustrating.

All in all this is an excellent beginning to one of my favorite game franchises.

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